We are constantly improving the reliability and overall quality of our products through ongoing research and technological innovation. Ibi Plast meets your needs, in all aspects of domestic waste collection, from bags to containers, packaging for the fruit and vegetable sector and the take-away food industry, catering, magazine packaging, and bags with RFID encoding and alphanumeric ID codes.

Ibi Plast pays constant attention to the finished product and the production process, but also to customer service and the environment.

Scrupulous staff awareness to quality and to our OK Compost and OK COMPOST HOME certifications and SEEDLING LOGO ensure the very highest production standards.

The Ibi Plast Quality System ensures full product traceability, with inspections carried out during production and on the end product, ranging from constant monitoring of product thickness throughout the extrusion process, to dimensional and resistance checks in line with applicable technical standards.

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